Fish Tales - "The Resurrection"

With most of the replacement parts in hand, I eagerly awaited the return of my playfield.  Once it arrived, I was not disappointed.  The touchup work that Mark had done was near perfect and almost unnoticeable.  And the application of the automotive clear by Bill Davis had brought a smoothness and shine that the playfield had never seen before, even when new.

The re-assembly turned out to be a slower process than I had anticipated.  There always seemed to be a part or screw that I had forgotten to buy to complete the project.  Probably added 2 weeks to the re-assembly as I would have to stop the process, get the part (locally or order), then continue when it arrived.  I'm not complaining (OK, well maybe a little), but I was real anxious to see this project completed.

Here are some before and after pictures.