The Medieval Madness Owners List



Manufacture Date

Serial Number




Robert Winter



Los Angeles, CA

Fully restored to NIB condition with NOS playfield, ramps, targets, etc.  See the process here


Keith Foy



St. Louis, MO

See my collection here


Bruce Clark



North Wales, PA

Bought NIB


Don Coons




Bought NIB, games resides in house, has approx. 2500 plays, set hard and fast (8 degrees)





Naples, FL

Anyone in the area is welcome to come by and play!


Tom Moeller



Saratoga, NY

Birthday present from my wife, brought to home use from a location in PA






Sold by Curt Hughes - summer 2000


William Jerla



Knoxville, TN



Brett A. Reed



Valley View, PA

Bought NIB from collector on 6/10/98


Jacob DeGlopper



Kensington, MD

Rumor has it this machine started life at Sega, and was then operated.  In the process of restoration

11 Jeff Cochran 9/17/97 53359-200124 Naples,FL Received new in box as a trade for the domain name PINBALL.COM to Williams Mfg. Home use, probably all of 1,000 plays on it, perfect condition. No, it's not for sale... :) Also have flyers signed by the entire design team, as well as the tee-shirt.
12 Michael R. Wayne 08/21/97 53359-101536 Rochester Hills, MI See his pinball page here
13 Laura & Kevin McCarthy 09/02/97 53359-102214 Littleton, CO Bought in November 1998, was going to put it on location but things fell through - ended up keeping it in our collection instead! Great game!
14 Jim Hicks 08/28/97 53359-102059 Erie,CO Bought NIB 9/11/97 in NY.   I'm the author of two pages on Medieval Madness, the unofficial page and the official page for Williams.  There are a couple of hidden surprises on the official site, including a special troll sound bite.  I don't work for Williams, but was glad to create the official site after the Williams team was pleased with my MM page.  I also created the official Cirqus Voltaire site.
15 Dave Stambaugh 09/04/97 53359-102306 Eugene, OR Retired from location use, has been meticulously shopped and is in beautiful condition (4 coats of hand-rubbed paste wax on playfield!!).  Translite signed by game's designer, Brian Eddy.
16 Rick Prince ?? 53359-102119 Media, PA Bought from Mercury Amusement on 08/15/99.
17 Dave Pascal 09/22/97 53359-200289 South Jersey none
18 Jon Christian 09/05/97 53359-102380 Midland, TX Installed NOS playfield plastics, ramps and targets.  I have NOS playfield that will be installed winter of 1999.
19 John Francisco 09/03/97 53359-102179 Long Beach, CA Purchased it in Mint condition from HOMEOWNER with 69 plays.  Now has over 400 plays on it (as of 10/99).    Had to sell a mint Indiana Jones and Star Trek Next Generation, but worth it.
20 Thomas Stalder 10/7/97 52259-201133 Ebikon/Luzern, Switzerland Very nice game
21 Tillman Strahan 9/9/97 53359-102602 ??? My wife and I bought this pin as an anniversary gift to ourselves. It is in very good shape for a pin that was on a route, and cleaned up very nicely.  The best part is the cost -- we paid $700 US for it. See pics here.
22 Christopher Bucci 8/20/97 53359-101617 Erie, PA Finally got one of my favorite pins.  Worth every penny.  Will be in my collection forever. "Tell it like it is".
23 Toney Priewe 9/17/97 53359-10274 Madison, WI Purchased 12/99.  One of the best pins ever made, never boring or repetitive.   Excellent!!!
24 Ron Hansen 9/22/97 510592-00359 Lakewood, CO Originally exported to UK.
25 David Jones 9/11/97 53359-102727 Dayton, OH none
26 sold ?? 53359-200803 ??? "This one is in near-mint condition. Being able to play such a great machine all the time is a dream come true."
27 George Peran 9/8/97 53359-102451 Silver Springs, MD Great game!
28 Paul Rogers 9/21/97 53359-200631 Austin, TX Bought from operator-- had a rough bar life, but cleaned up nicely!  See my collection here.
29 Bryan Weldon 9.25.97 53359-200519 Monroe, IA n/a
30 Sean Lindstedt 8/7/97 51059-100999 Reno, NV Was in England for about 1 year, then brought to USA.  In mint condition with no playfield wear.
31 Wes Simmons 5/28/97 53359-100170 Gainesville, FL Early production model game judging from S/N, DOM and comments made by seller.  Purchased by me in 12/99.
32 Kyle Wren 11/9/97 53359-102695 Cincinnati, OH Bought at Louisville auction January 2000 during an ice storm.  Shopped out nice, no playfield wear and a very nice cabinet.  Thank goodness for 4 wheel drive!
33 Sunny Shin 9/15/97 53359-102953 San Jose, CA n/a
34 Steve Trischetta 9/8/97 53359-102452 Franklin Park, NJ n/a
35 Rob Bell 9/16/97 53359-102943 Bay Area, CA A one owner machine.  Bought for both my wife and myself.  We love this game!
36 Dennis Chaney 8/15/97 53359-100904 Hurricane, WV Rescued from location use after 6 months of Play. The Game has been meticulously shopped and is in near mint condition. This Game is my personal favorite.
37 Bill Blomster 9/4/97 53359-102385 Fairmont, MN Best game there is!
38 Bret and Melissa Fitch 8/27/97 53359-101982 Oak Harbor, WA Bought NIB with 3 others for our route. Decide to build game room at home and brought this one home.  Plays great and totally shopped.
39 Mark Bakula 8/13/97 51559-101180 Dexter, MI Purchased game from Japan with 10,000 plays. Converted game for USA line voltage. Games is in excellent condition. Installed home Rom. I am submitting a story on the purchasing and shipping of this game to pinGame Journal for publication in the fall of 2002.
40 Bryan Jozwiak 10/1/97 50259-200735 Bloomingdale, IL This is a re-import from Germany. I fully restored it including clearcoating the playfield. I also installed Gold side rails, lockdown bar, and legs. See pics here.
41 Paul Parashak 9/17/97 53359-200085 Norwich, CT Bought from home gameroom after he picked up another.  VG condition.  My second pin.  Factory settings.  Looking forward to getting tips from other owners on maintenance.  Worth every single penny!!!
43 Mike Schudel 9/9/97 53359-102557 Kalamazoo, MI Fast game with wonderful humor and awesome light shows! Pin is in great condition with absolutely no playfield wear. Installed 1.09 home version ROM.
44 Jason Rufer 9/10/97 53359-102470 Cokato, MN Only seen normal movie theatre route, rescued from anymore popcorn terror. Excellent very well maintained condition. Bought from original owner/operator. New speaker panel, side rails, lockdown molding, dragon wings, Kerry Stairs protectors installed. Have some extra NOS parts for backup.
45 Kristian Oerlemans 8/25/97 50759-101716 Schijndel  The Netherlands NEW condition!
46 Jim Kinnear 8/26/97 53359-101799 Ellicott City, MD Purchased 11/23/02 from a local collector/shopper. Machine was meticulously shopped, including a clear coating of the playfield. A fantastic machine!!!
47 Håkan Malmberg 8/22/97 51359-101650 Malmoe, Sweden Nice playfield, the usual problem with Merlins saucer. 17000 plays.
48 Arnaldo Lopes 9/8/97 50259-101119 ??? Machine was bought in Germany as is in very good condition.
49 Steve Cohen 9/10/97 53359-102740 Reno, NV Totally restored with clear coated playfield. Mint condition
50 Steve Braun 9/29/97 53359-200701 Ephrata, PA I got it in decent shape (minimal playfield wear, no cabinet wear, dragon wings and castle etc all intact), from an operator in Lebanon, PA for 2,800 in Nov. 2003.  From what I'm seeing that was a really good buy.  It needs a couple of pieces however, the bracket that mounts the right ramp on the bottom, left side of the ramp is cracked and the catapult ramp is worn on the inside.  If you have any leads on where I can locate these pieces it would be appreciated.
51 Jim Sweet 3/10/97 53659-100013 Sunnyvale, CA HUO prototype game #13. This is one of the 15 original prototypes. It was given to Greg Freres (the game's art designer) for his private home collection where it stayed until 11/03 when I bought it. To the casual observer, the game looks and plays like a regular production game. However, there are many subtle differences: prototype playfield with slightly different artwork, prototype under-playfield PC boards, various hand crafted/tweaked parts throughout. The game is also autographed by Greg on the backbox and translite.
52 Greg LaPointe 5/28/97 53359-100114 Windsor, Ontario, Canada Have owned the machine since 2002 and it is absolutely mint.  No fade, peel or anything.  I own a Monster Bash, Addams Family and Terminator 2 and this machine is the crown jewel of my collection!
53 8/25/97 52159-101727 Stockholm, Sweden Purchased January 24, 2004 in great condition.
54 Nico Broos 10/6/97 52159-201146 Halen, Belgium The playfield is in perfect condition,.looks great, plays great.  I imported it from the Netherlands, but it seems it originated from a German speaking language (and I think Poland seeing the booklets included).
55 Devon Irwin 9/15/97 53359-102981 Newbury Park, CA Purchased in 12/03 from original owner.  Playfield / Cabinet / Head excellent. Playfield was stripped and fully cleaned / shopped.  Nothing but new troll cover decals, castle gate decal and dragon wings needed.  My new favorite game - worth every cent !!! 
56 Roy Heko 9/8/97 53359-102580 Greely, CO Purchased from Treasure Cove fully restored like new. Keeps my TOM company.
57 Lou Perazzoli 8/9/97 53359-102276 Redmond, WA Bought NIB on 8/25/97 from MusicVend in Seattle.  See my site here.
58 Glen and Joanne 9/17/97 53359-200050 ??? Bought 04/04 - nice.
59 Agustin Fernandez 9/16/97 53359-200039 Buenos Aires, Argentina I bought this pinball in 8/2003 from an operator.  It was in very bad shape.  I am still working on it.
60 Greg Ross 7/25/97 50259-100356 Westminster, CA Flawless condition except for a two inch touched up scratch on right back side of cabinet.
61 Ken in Texas ??? ??? North Texas Purchase from another collector.  Machine is perhaps one of the greatest examples of a modern pinball.  The machine can be viewed here.
62 Glen 9/17/97 52259-200050 ??? Nice shape.


Lori and Skully



Shawnee, KS

Purchased in July of 03 from a local game store in Kansas City Ks. In OK shape. About to have it completely refurbished with new cabinet, decals, and anything else necessary to mint this collectors item.


Gary Flower



London, England

Bought off site after it appeared int the National Press fashion article about the return of the micro miniskirt.  Full page photo had the model leaning over the game in a Soho coffee bar wearing a micro mini, of course.


Jan van den Munckhof



Horst, Netherlands

Bought my Medieval Madness from another collector with space issues, he had 5 pins in his living room, and one had to go! Lucky me! The playfield needs a little attention, but is an overall 8.5. Body is in very decent state as well. I feel very lucky to finally own my own MM.


Louis Mottor



Daytona Beach, FL

Rescued the game from the back woods of Maine to a permanent vacation in Florida for me, but can't get it away from my wife.


Mr. Kim Keist



Benbrook, TX

Purchased off route in June of 2003, game had $19,000 + in plays & last reset was 12/1997. Operator actually cleaned PF & Waxed occasionally!?! PF in VG shape. Overall Pin is in VG shape only PF wear is by Moat Kick-Out & where balls enter PF from shooter lane (tip of "JETS" Arrow). I had the MM, MB & Corvette Motor Gearbox & TOM Motor Only, remanufactured by ECM Motor Co. if you need one or a spare please let me know.


Ralf Knopf




I bought the pin in France, near Paris that's 700Km away from my hometown (one way).
The pin was in very bad condition. The playfield had some damage, so I had to do some touchup. The Merlin hole was very bad. I made it look like new. Then, after I had finished the painting, I preserved the playfield ( looks better than "DIAMOND PLATED").
I looked for new items, to change the bad ones. So I have bought new bumper caps, moat, rubber rings, all flashers and lights.  I completely made the bumpers new, new switches and contacts, new legs and so on.


Nicholas Landau



Chicago, IL

Overall Great shape, needed nothing but a few typical playfield touch ups (ie merlin, moat outhole area.) Website for my pins here.

71 Vic Pineschi 10/3/97 50259-200996 Los Angeles, CA Excellent condition, cabinet and playfield.  Great fun.
72 Tim Walls 9/26/97 53359-200729 Troy, MI Purchased 6/04 from local operator, removed from a Bar w/ 9,577 plays. Cleaned up to look HUO. But smells like a bouquet of ashtrays!  Up-graded to Pinball Pro speakers for better base sound and added a  G.I. #47 lamp Williams forgot, under the plastic of Knight w/ arrow in head.   BOOM SHOCK-A-LOCK-A .
73 Alan Koporc 9/25/97 53359-200607 Austin, TX Game given plenty of TLC after coming off route at Texas Military Base.  The pin cleaned up very well and has been completely restored and polished.  Playfield scheduled for Bill Davis clear coat and touchup in fall of 2004.

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