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Robert Winter



Los Angeles, CA

First NIB Stern purchase!  Early production with red compass insert.

2 Darren and Sally Kammer 7/21/06 201362 Plano, TX First NIB pin!
3 Joe Newhart 7/31/06 201515 Dallas, PA  
4 Jason Rufer 8/7/06 201724 Cokato, MN
Excellent pin and hope to add some mods.  LED's on the ship and the ZIZZLE POTC talking skull topper.  I also have a one of a kind Steve Tsubota TILT lenticular apron card.
5 Brian Webber 8/10/06 201815 Jacksonville, FL My fourth NIB Stern and definitely my favorite so far.
6 James Lange 8/16/06 201951 Chaska, MN JimmyShines on Rec Games Pinball,  POTC is a big hit at our place!
7 Lloyd Olson 7/18/06 201274 SS Billliards Early production with red compass insert.
8 John E Martell 7/21/06 201367 Poconos, PA
Great game !  Played for eleven hours Aug 3, 2006.  Talking skull topper (Target store) in place.  Sub-woofer installed.  Shroud installed top of playfield.
9 Vince Birdsley ??/??/06 ??? Prior Lake, MN First NIB Stern pin!  Will have talking skull topper.
10 Walter Lozen ??/??/06 ??? Juelich, Germany

This one is Sternīs best. A lot of action and fun. Great gameplay Visit my page :

11 Rome ??/??/06 201836 Englewood, FL Has the new updated compass mixmaster decal.
12 John Harris 7/24/06 201320 Greensburg, PA  
13 Tom Taylor 8/7/06 201717 Charlotte, NC
14 Mike and Sylvia Perscheid ??/??/06 204560 Carmichael, CA First Stern, first NIB pin!  Drove to Pinball Fantasy show in Las Vegas to see and play it.  (still NIB as of 4/07)
15 Christopher Hutchins ??/??/06 ??? ??? My first NIB Stern.  I will of course be gutting it the moment it arrives and clearing everything, polishing, flaming, etc.
16 Stuart Caines 7/20/06 201304 Victoria, Australia Seconds NIB Stern purchase.  Just upgraded to v1.11, this new upgrade system is brilliant, well done Stern!
17 Beriah (Beemus) Osorio 7/25/06 N/A Kirkland, WA ARRRRRR!!!!
18 Greg R. Davis ??/??/06 ??? Phoenix, AZ  
19 Al J 8/10/06 201825 Phoenix, AZ This was a surprise birthday/anniversary gift from my wife.  Came home and opened the garage door and there she was!
20 Ken Boston 7/26/06 201404 Portland, OR Front page of manual says "Sample game".  Has orange and black decal on the mixmaster.
21 Jerry Thompson 7/25/06 201379 Auburn, WA
22 Mike Harrington 7/21/06 ??? Sunnyvale, CA  
23 Marc Weiand 8/7/06 201759 Spokane, WA  
24 Scott Schalmo 8/10/06 201822 Hubertus, WI This is my first NIB and my first Stern.  Played about 50 games and didn't notice any air balls so the sneeze guard is gone.  Looks way better.
25 Paul King 9/7/06 202936 Rochester, NY Great game – second NIB Stern purchase for HUO – Glad we have it!
26 Bob Frysztak 7/29/06 201493 Naperville, IL 7th pin, second Stern.  Custom mods include dueling ships topper, lighted playfield ship, custom Aztec gold coin shooter, custom characters and Jack the Monkey.  Mods can be seen on website at:
27 Jesse and Tamra Bohnsack 8/16/2006 201967 ???
Great theme, fun playfield layout, my wifes new favorite!  Website with a picture is:
28 Rich Wiski 9/26/06 203827 Murphy, TX Congratulations to Stern for a great game.  I think the sound package is nice, sure there could be more voices from the other characters in the movie but the background sounds and the sound effects really keep you involved with the game.  The artwork is beautiful and the lighting enhances the playfield. The ship is clearly the best Stern toy to date. I bought the game in Dallas 3 days after it rolled off the production line in Chicago. Got to love living in the USA!

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