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Robert Winter



Los Angeles, CA

Sample game purchased from game designer Dennis Nordman in March 2001.  Prototype cabinet with unscratched RRR artwork on the side.  Custom ROMs, LED skull eyes, illuminated candle flames, eyeball shooter, original boogie men on slingshot extensions, glow in the dark Bony Beast head/ribs, inlane covers, claw lamp holders and flippers,  Backglass signed by Elvira, lit by Blacklight(UV), sits next to Elvira & PM (also signed


Bruce Clark



North Wales, PA

Bought NIB, retro'd with original glow bones, skull, claws and flippers, LED skull eyes, lit by Blacklight(UV), sits next to Elvira & PM


Brian Webber



Jacksonville, FL

LED skull eyes, originally in Belgium


Ron Bengry



Corona, CA

Purchased NIB, BONE-STOCK (get it?)


Mike Nichols



Reno, NV

Purchased from Robert Winter in March 2001.  LED Skull Eyes, lit candles flames,  dancing Boogie Men, glow parts, all parts color washed (see before and after on flippers), color-matched claw lamp holders.   See what the game looks like after Robert installed an NOS playfield here (768x1024)


Harry Oliemans



Hoorn, The Netherlands

My highest score is around 59 million


Keith Foy



St Louis, MO

retro'd with original glow bones, skull, claws and flippers, LED skull eyes, eyeball shooter, backglass signed by Elvira, bought with less than 400 plays


Keith Foy



St Louis, MO

Original proto. All proto parts removed for my other game, and replaced with stock parts. This game is used for locations, eventually it will be sold.


Pete Haduch



Parkville, MD

The ONE AND ONLY Scared Stiff Proto to survive! Level D0.1R, sound revision 0.25, sy. 3.57 dated 6/6/95, whitewood playfield, claw flashers in backbox (purple in color), left drain lane kickback, LEDs in Dead Heads controlled by the prototype software, eyeball plunger, real Boogie Men, on real Boogie Men kicker extensions, RRR artwork is visible, glow in the dark bones and flippers, drybrushed at the factory with gray paint, not all animations added, some animations that did not survive into production, no voice of the Scared Stiff, just Elvira's voice (what more would one need?), sales receipt signed by Jim Patla!


Stuart Caines




Skull LED kit + candle flame lamps on GI circuit (looking for something better), glow in the dark flipper paddles, boogiemen kickers, eyeball shooter, candle flame globes installed, black washing of all "Bones"


Michael Wayne



Rochester Hills, MI

Bought used, was on location. Wayne's pinball machines

12 Milan Popovic 10/28/96 50448-102122 Belgrade,Yugoslavia, Europe Also collects EMs and Bally bingos.   Has about 100 machines.
13 Wayne Green 8/20/96 53348-100246 Independence,MO Bought NIB, LED eyes works with deadhead rollovers, also collects other Elvira stuff (Elvira beer, the first Elvira PB)
14 James Okubo 11/7/96 53348-102544 Yorba Linda, CA n/a
15 Dave Jones 11/20/96 53348-103114 Dayton, Ohio LED skull eyes
16 Dave Sherman 8/15/96 53348-100155 Solon, Iowa Sample game, all glow-in-the-dark parts, eyeball shooter, LED skull eyes and Boogie Men extensions installed, game ROM ver. 1.0, sound ROM v 0.22
17 Paul Levine 6/26/96 53648-100009 FL? Has all the sample features...glow bones different cabinet,eyeball shooter etc.  I also installed one of Robert's eyeball kits.  The game was a test game that was put out in Chicago and I got it from a person that was a friend of the design team.
18 John Brannan 11/20/96 53348-103039 Hilliard (Columbus), OH n/a
19 Ivo Vasella 10/25/96 50248-102091 Switzerland Game first exported to Germany
20 Ivo Vasella 9/12/96 57248-100576 Switzerland Original export to Switzerland
21 Bob Ellingson 11/25/96 53348-103239 Santa Clara, CA n/a
22 David & Jan Rider 11/19/96 53348-103097 Bethlehem, PA What an awsome machine.  Cabinet is mint playfield is mint.
23 Eric Steiman 12/16/96 53348-103640 Fort Lauderdale, FL This machine was never on location. I bought it from a gentlemen that had it in his house for years and barely played it. This machine is absolutely flawless - cabinet, backglass and playfield - as close to new in box as you can get. I have since installed LED skull eyes, boogie men on slingshot extensions - still looking for a suitable "eyeball" to complete the project!
24 Bryan Weldon 12/18/96 53348-104018 Monroe, IA Has LED eye mod
25 Paul Rogers 8/??/96 53348-100194 Austin, TX Has LED kit, Boogie Men extensions, eyeball shooter.  See my collection here.
26 Todd Yoder 10/16/96 51348-101724 Columbia, MD Originally made for export, this game came from Germany in June 2000.
27 Mark Tuberville 12/20/96 50248-104146 Sunnyvale, CA Has custom ROMs and both of Robert's kits (skull pile LEDs and boogie man slingshots).  Coming soon: original beast bones, Elvira's autograph on backglass.
28 Andreas Gerst ???? ???? Germany na
29 Bruce Bachleda 12/11/96 50748-103841 New Jersey This SS pin came from Belgium.   Playfield is as mint as ever, as is everything else.  Less than 200 plays.  Both of Robert's kits installed (skull pile LEDs and boogie man slingshots)
30 Paul Smiley 11/7/96 53348-102633 Burke, VA Home use only!
31 Thomas Schaffer ?? 50348-104039 Frankfurt, Germany Great machine in wonderful condition
32 Sean Hotaling 11/26/96 53348-103117 Leavenworth, KS All mods done to SS, i.e, dead heads lights, frog extensions, color washed bones and eyeball shooter.  Bought when I was stationed in Korea for $1000.00, replaced playfield with NOS PF.  Game is beautiful.
33 Steve Corley 8/22/96 53348-100249 Englewood, CO Game is like brand new with my wife's top score that's hard to beat.
34 Rob Bell 9/6/96 53348-100283 Concord, CA

Early production USA game with glow-in-the-dark-accessories. Cabinet and playfield is a perfect 9.9!!!  Looking for a NOS translite… See my games here.

35 Bryon Valencia 9/9/96 50248-100372 Tucson, AZ Originally made for export, this game came from Germany in May 2001. Has glow in the dark Bony Beast head/ribs, inlane covers and flippers, all parts color washed. Installed boogie men extensions (thanks Robert) and plan to add the LED skull eyes kit soon. Made a custom shooter using a glass eyeball. Also plan to color-match the claw lamp holders
36 Mike Schudel 11/7/96 53348-102473 Kalamazoo, MI Installed Robert's Boogie Men kicker extension kit and Dead Head LED kit.  Now it's time to look for that perfect eyeball shooter ...
37 Joseph Dziedzic 8/13/96 53348-100147 Nashua, NH Sample game?  Has color-washed ribs, inlane covers, and flippers.  Playfield is in excellent condition with very little visible wear.  Will install a set of Robert's Boogie Men extensions, an eyeball shooter, and LEDs in the dead heads.
38 Doug 11/22/96 53348-103293 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Backglass: 9.9, Backbox: minor cosmetic scratches repaired, 

Cabinet: 9.9 no fading or scratches.  

Playfield: 9.5, Promo style with left outlane stating: The Spell. Very little wear near spider hole.

Repairs: All rubbers replaced, Boney Beast ramp repaired, ROM updated to Version: 1.5, Coin Door repainted, Coffin Spring replaced, crate door replaced, Boogiemen will be upgraded, Dead Heads will be upgraded to colour eyes, flippers and auto plunger rebuilt. Missing frogs on a stick replaced.  Flippers rebuilt, Spider assembly repaired and crate assembly rebuilt.

Wonderful game. She sits next to her sister, Elvira & the Party Monsters.
39 ???? 12/10/96 50748-103609 Antwerp, Belgium Regular production machine, made for Belgium.
40 Scott Edsall 7/2/96 53348-103924 Los Angeles, CA Purchased new at: CA Robinson Distributors, L.A. CA. (I think it was around Feb-Mar. 1997) Last machine anywhere that was available new.
41 Jim Sroka 8/13/96 53348-100127 Brick, NJ Prototype machine
42 Bill Blomster 11/6/96 53348-102599 Fairmont, MN Have update kits from Robert Winter for both skull pile and slingshots, a GREAT addition to game.
43 Jason Rufer 11/26/96 53348-103211 Cokato, MN Have many NOS spare parts, including slings, plastics set, crate door & pin, translite, spider motor.  Upgraded 1.5 ROM.  Outhole protectors from Mantis Amusements.  Boney ramp kit installed. All around 9.8 machine.
44 Mark Bakula 11/22/96 53348-103192 Dexter, MI Has all the upgrades - glow skull, LED skull eyes, dancing boogie men, eyeball shooter. Upgraded to 1.5 Rom.
45 Tim Walls 10/09/96 5214-101387 Troy, MI Mfg. tag  Sweden Cashflo 220 volt.  Machine looks like new, started with 1.2 Rom and upgraded to 1.5 Rom for notable difference!  Investment to be enjoyed.  Best pin made . 
46 John E. Martell 6/19/96 09-73000-010915 Albrightsville (Poconos), Pa Purchased 5-10-02.  Currently re-finishing machine.  Purchased at auction.  Has playfield wear near right flipper and in front of crate.  Excellent game.
47 Alex & Hans van Beek 10/2/96 51348-101280 Hoofddorp, The Netherlands Eyeball shooter, led Skull Eyes, Boogie men Extensions, Extra Set playfield plastics (all Plastics nos), extra slingshot plastic(nos), Mystery decal, Lockbar(nos), 6 Frogs on a stick(nos), 4 Boogiemen, 1 extra Crate decal (nos), 1 extra Crate door, Org. flyer & Nova Flyer + Flyer signed by Cameron Silver, Scoop Hole protector & Boney Beast Ramp Protector, The org. manual and operator manual, 5 Extra Boney Ribs (nos), Gameroom About Scared Stiff from Robert, 4 Boney Flippers ( Nos ), High score 41 Million, Backglass Backbox minor Scratches and repaired this, Cabinet No fading and Scratches, Playfield Minor wear near spiderhole and crate.  Replaced all rubbers & light bulbs
48 Heiner Borgards 5/1/96 50248-101313 Krefeld, Germany
Cabinet conditions are very good. ( inside itīs nearly nicotin free).  Back box and translite are also under perfect conditions.  The colour of the rotating spider is dark brown with sprinkles of green.  Roms rev 1.5.  Dancing boogiemans on extensions - original version.  The original boney flippers.  A perfect operating coffin door (boo).  Crate door  is new - original  bally part! Protected for daily use!!!  The 4 pairs  of crate  leds  eyes are still working.  Lighted dead heads with leds - crystal clear shining red.  Special spider hole ramp protection made by myself.  Using an other construction than original.  (nearly invisible when playing the game).  Original three frogs.  Eyeball shooter.  And of course shopped, cleaned , rebulbed and new rubbers.  Teammate of the Scared Stiff is an Elvira.  Boogieman slingshots original: not broken.  Protected by a special not vibration system made by me.
50 Per Monsen 8/10/96 52148-101524 Norway Added dancing boogie men, eyeball shooter, led in the dead heads, ramp protection kit, NOS sticker on the crate and signed custom prize card by Mark Weyna. Playfield in mint condition, has the 1,5 rom revision.  Pics of my pin can be found here.
51 David Arnold 10/3/96 548-101234-67739 Hamburg, Germany Flashing and Dancing Boogie-Mans, Colored LED skull eyes and a modified Lock-Light. Sill searching for an eye-ball-shooter.
52 Pete Hoerber 9/16/96 50248-100415 Gig Harbor, WA Purchased in 5/2002.  Has LED Skull Pile & Lit Candles, as well as Dancing Boogie Men and Eyeball shooter. Game is flawless and is a keeper ;)
53 Jim Hockenberry 11/4/96 53348-102483 Pennsylvania
LED Skull kit.  Boogieman kit.  Customize the Boney Beast to "Glow".  Skull topper
54 Vinny 8/15/96 54438-100141 ??? Original eyeball shooter, (needs to be repainted though) All glow in the dark parts, ribs, outlane guides, flippers, claw lamp holders.
55 Alan Koporc 12/13/96 23348-180968 Austin, TX Purchased on 10/13/2003 from Austin collector who picked the machine up from a fellow in Dallas.  History from that point is unknown.  Ultra clean cabinet, backglass & no wear on playfield except minor spider hole rim chips.  Game has all upgrade options & updates.  Skull Pile Eyes, Acrylic Eyeball shooter, Dancing Boogie men, Pinball Pro speaker upgrade, EPROM Upgrade, New Bony Beast Ramp , New Crate decal, Hole protectors.
56 Craig Hassell 11/22/96 53348-103347 Arlington, TX Acquired my machine in trade from John Mrazek on 8/4/2002. Great lookin' and playing game! No mods done to game as of yet, kinda pricey.
57 Dale & Mary Beth Hryniewicki 10/11/96 52048-10592 Milwaukee, WI Excellent condition.
58 Martin Dolby 8/6/96 51048-100100 UK n/a
59 Randy Denny 12/17/96 53348-103918 Bremerton, WA Installed:
Hole Protectors, Pinball Pro Speaker upgrade kit, Dancing Boogiemen Extensions (with original 'Finger Frights'), Skull pile colored LED's (water clear) and Lit Candles (upper GI), Glow-in-the-Dark Bony Beast Skull, Left Ramp repair kit, Matching (lime green) Score and Rule cards, Reproduction Crate sticker, Chrome Skull shift knob for the Shooter, (thinking about a Repro eyeball), All Rubber

Spinning Spider. 2 blown IC's, 3 transistors, 1 diode and an open track on the spider circuit card, OH MY!

Color-washed Bony Beast Bones, Bony Guides Lanes, Bony Flippers

Also, I have really nice reproduction Crate Stickers (Color, 1200 x 1200 DPI) that are laminated. They come 10 to a sheet. All anyone would have to do is cut them out, peel the paper off the back and apply. I would send them to anyone who asked at no cost. 
60 Chris Bucci 10/17/96 50448-101478 Erie, PA Nice version of the game with red LED skull pile, eyeball shooter, dancing Boogie Men and ramp / hole protectors.
61 Peter Ahremark 10/23/96 52148-101984 Stockholm, Sweden In very good condition! Has Hole protectors, LED Skull Eyes, Dancing Boogiemen and Eyeball Shooter.
62 Roy Fash 12/4/96 53348-103648 Mayfield Heights, OH Great game, fully functional.  Added Deadhead LED kit from Robert, about to add the dancing Boogiemen and the eyeball shooter as well as a repro pair of sling covers and a ROM upgrade (is at 1.4).
63 David Messerly 10/15/96 51148-101751 Potomac Falls, VA Elvira came back to the U.S. from a stay in Finland. She is in excellent shape with a beautiful playfield, cab and no plastics out of place. She plays fast but not loose. My new mistress comes with an eyeball shooter, dancing boogie men and lighted skull eyes. Yes, yeess, yeeesssss!
64 Matt West 11/5/96 53348-102700 Clovis, CA Game is in excellent condition
and has  LED skull pile mod
My first late model pin. I have
14 early SS Bally games
65 A.J. Pijl ??/??/96 ?? Veenendaal, Holland I own several Bally and Williams machines and this is my latest machine. Others are MM, CC, MB, BSD.
66 John Gabaldo 12/4/97 ?????-000598 Burlington, WI My game is in excellent condition with all the prototype features less the eyeball shooter, but I'm working on that.
67 Tim Bentz 9/23/96 51048-100902 Vancouver, WA This game originally belonged to a collector in England, then sold & shipped to a collector in Salt Lake City. I purchased  12/03 and had it shipped to my home in Vancouver, WA. This is one of my favorite pins. It has the lighted skull topper, LED multicolored skull pile eyes, illuminated candle flames, an eyeball shooter, glow-in-the-dark beast head, dancing boogie men, playfield hole protectors, and Treasurecove backboard graphics. There is no paint fade anywhere on the case or playfield. The case has a few very minor scratches, and the spider hole has minor chipping around the edges, but all has been touched up and cannot be detected without close inspection. The playfield hole protectors (just recently installed) will prevent further damage. I would rate everything on this game a solid 9.5.
68 Greg Swann 11/1/96 53348-102331 Shandon, CA LED skull eyes, dancing boogiemen
69 Nico Broos 10/8/96 50248-104467 Halen, Belgium Bought Jan 7, 2005
70 Scott Sawin 11/19/96 53348-102987 Sudbury, MA Very fun game!!!! Need to fix wear between flippers and replace crate LEDs. I want to add hole protectors, Boney Beast Ramp protector, new shooter decal, lighted candles next to updated skull pile, eyeball shooter and any available glow in the dark parts (flippers, lane guides, claws, beast head and beast ribs). I'm also concerned about the exposure of the slingshot plastics to ball play. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions?
71 Dave Eason 9/23/96 51048-100909 Leeds, England It has seen some service in Germany at some time, possibly on one of the British army bases out there.
72 Dino Theo 12/12/96 53348-103700 Eldersburg, MD

Removed full field factory mylar. Playfield is beautiful. Fully shopped by stripping to the wood and replacing almost everything on the upper playfield. This includes a new plastic set, new glow kit, new boney beast ramp, all new plastic posts, slings, new flipper coils along with a flipper rebuild..…except for the spider ramp…..which was flame polished to look like new.

73 Todd Levine ?? 53348-103683 Pueblo, CO Purchased on 1/9/04

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