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I decided before I started this project to make this cabinet a multipurpose system.  With that in mind, I didn't want to hard wire any of the controls nor did I want to destroy any of the cabinet's existing wiring.  Since this was a JAMMA cabinet, I wanted to take advantage of that.

Since I had decided NOT to remove the Killer Instinct functionality from the game, it seemed best to make a versatile adapter to attach to the JAMMA connector.  I purchased a JAMMA fingerboard from Swallow Amusements in the UK.  Steve makes a quality board that is very reasonably priced and a snap to use.  It's well labeled and has multiple solder pads for each position.

Since the audio portion was already wired using a quick disconnect into the subwoofer system, the only things I needed from the JAMMA connector were video and the P1/P2 controls.  A custom cable was made that went from the JAMMA board to three connectors - 1 video and 2 player connectors.  I decided to run not only a ground connection to the video connector but also +5 volts.  This came in very handy later.


Below you can see the gray cable from the JAMMA connector to the Dreamcast control box.