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Count the Elviras!

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Just how many images of Elvira are scattered around the playfield?  5?  6?  7?  You may be surprised at exactly how many places she's seen.

Try remembering them all before you look below.

This one's pretty hard to miss as it's right between the flippers.  If you didn't spot this one, it's time for your medication again!

Right below the barbeque targets is this one, another obvious one.  Shame on you Elvira, you've got hot dogs on those tongs!  (Cassandra is a vegetarian)

On the left of the playfield behind the Deadheads target, Elvira is seen resting on a tombstone.

The entrance to the left ramp shows Elvira pointing to the shot that will spot a letter when flashing.

Elvira's ready to go riding on the Monster Slide!  Now who wears high heels on a slide?

And here's Elvira riding the Monster slide.  Guess she lost the heels!

On the back board is Elvira telling us to "Ride the Monster Slide"

Ahh, basking in the warm bubbly punch-filled cauldron!  Lucky skeleton!  (in case you were wondering, do you see ANY bathing suit straps on Elvira's shoulders?)

This last image is from the flip up targets.  Now what exactly is Elvira doing with oven mitts and torches in a coffin?  (yeah, I know, the whole BBQ thing, but the image shows a coffin behind her)