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Playfield Teardown Pictures

The Finished Product

(Below is the page that was created to advertise the machine for sale)

Here is an absolutely stunning Champion Pub pinball game.   Game was completely brought back to better than new condition with the addition of a clearcoated NOS (New Old Stock) playfield and numerous other new parts.  Check out what was done to this machine to bring it to showroom condition -

  • All plastics and plastic assemblies were replaced with NOS (New Old Stock) plastics. 

  • NOS main ramp

  • NOS green punch ramps

  • NOS boxer body

  • NOS boxer head

  • NOS boxer arms (the reinforced "B" version)

  • NOS heavy bag

  • NOS speed bag

  • NOS speed bag fists

  • NOS jump rope plate (these become dented)

  • NOS decals everywhere (jump rope, boxer and speed bag area)

  • Pop bumper bodies, skirts and caps are all NOS. 

  • NOS slingshot switches

  • NOS slingshot arms

  • NOS flipper bats

  • NOS flipper armatures and sleeves - a complete rebuild

  • NOS coin door

  • New star posts

  • New rubber rings and sleeves

  • ALL lamps replaced

  • Custom color-matched instruction and pricing cards

All of this work paid off as the playfield is absolutely breathtaking.  Game is 100% working with NO electrical or mechanical issues.  Cabinet is extremely nice as well.  It has absolutely NO fade and almost no damage.  

The backglass is perfect.  Yes, this game has a real backglass, not a plastic translite as most games of this era.  Colors are bright and vivd.


NOS jump rope plate and "coach" decal


NOS speed bag, fists and floor decal


NOS main ramp


NOS main ramp, green ramps, heavy bag and all decals around heavy bag.


NOS punch ramps, boxer head, boxer body, boxer arms and surrounding decals.



NOS plastics




Custom laminated, color matched instruction and pricing cards



Note the small scrape on the "P" in Pinball




NOS coin door


Boards and inside of backbox looks like new.


Some beauty shots with the flash off.






Look at that beautiful shine on the playfield.  Breathtaking!