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Kit price is $99.  Kit includes 2 slingshot extension assemblies, 8 rubber boogie men, installation instructions and shipping within the U.S..  International shipping slightly higher. I accept Visa/Mastercard with Paypal, checks or money orders.

This is another piece that was supposed to be in the game but never made it past the sample games.

The slingshot arms had an extension riveted to them with a rubber boogie man attached to the end. Whenever the slingshot was hit, the boogie man would move also. Also, when boogie mode was awarded on the spider wheel, the boogie men would move in time to the music. This could be turned off through the adjustments menu. This feature is still available on all production machines and the adjustment is still in the menu as of version 1.5, the latest ROM version.

These are professionally fabricated pieces, zinc plated, and riveted (using SOLID rivets, not cheap hollow rivets) to new slingshot arms. They are made to the EXACT specifications of the original prototype.  The spring where the boogie man attaches is silver-soldered to the extension. Each kit comes with two of these assemblies and eight rubber boogie men exactly like those used in the sample games. Many thanks to Rick Schieve for the photo and measurements which facilitated the construction of these extensions.

Please note that one of the reasons that WMS killed this feature was that, over time, pieces of the boogie men would come off. Although most collectors don't put as much game play on their machines as one that is on location, this is still something to be aware of.

Below is a picture of the actual extensions I have fabricated.

Comments From Satisfied Customers

"I received the boogie men extensions and installed them. They work great!  Thanks for producing an excellent product."

"Wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your Boogie Men extension kit. The quality was great, as were the instructions! I love the effect of "dancing" Boogie Men!"

"I got the boogie men and skull eye kits a couple days ago. Installed them both yesterday. What can I say -- they're both very well made and add a great deal to the game. Thanks!"

"I installed (both kits) in a little over an hour. It's amazing how much these "little" items improve the game."

"Got both kits installed and they rock! Thanks for making them!"

"I just love both of the kits..they are a no-brainer to install with basic tools and ultra smooth instructions.  Thanks again for that one and the skull pile kit is way better than advertised..super great.  Like all the people before me said if you have a SS pin you need these kits.  They are very simple to install.  Thanks again Robert you are dee man..."

"I installed the boogie men and the skull eye kits today. Perfect. You did a great job designing and executing these ideas."

"I was extremely impressed by the high quality of both of the upgrades (LED kit and Extensions). Design, components, assembly and documentation were all top notch."

"Got it today - safe and sound. The Boogie Men are already installed - pretty neat!!"

"I received my boogie men on Saturday afternoon, I have put them on and they look and work great.  Thanks for the great product!"

"The Boogie Men work great. Thanks a ton, I really appreciate your products."

"I received my boogie men kit yesterday. The installation instructions appear to be very thorough, and I am looking forward to having this new addition on my machine. Thanks for running another batch!"

"I installed the new kickers last night and they are awesome. It really adds a lot to the game. Thanks a lot for the very clear directions as well. I'll put the skull pile kit in this weekend, and can't wait. Thanks so much for providing this service to all of us hobbyists."

"Awesome job, very nice kit!"

"I installed your Boogie Men kicker extension kit and the Dead Head's LED kit. Both really make the pin much more enjoyable while playing and even in the attract mode. The instructions were easy to follow which made installation a snap! Thanks"

"Directions were easy to follow and all went smoothly.  What I great addition to the game."

"Just got my extensions and they look fantastic! I have an original proto set and they are almost an exact duplicate of those but yours are a little more heavy duty."