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Plug and Play multicolor version 3.1C now shipping!

Standard 3.0 version  (no longer available)

photo courtesy of Mike Schudel

3.0C Multicolor version (3.1C is slightly brighter)

Now you can have one of the ORIGINAL kits made by the original inventor himself.  Make the Skulls' eyes in your skull pile fully functional! Each pair of eyes is independently controlled during gameplay and attract mode sequences.  Multicolor version 3.1C includes 6 sets of different colored ultra-bright LEDs matched to the colors in the Tales of Terror.  Once I invented this kit and installed it in my game, I knew that other owners would enjoy one as well. Now you have the ability to add that one cool feature that WMS left out of Scared Stiff.

Each kit includes everything needed for full installation - pre-wired/pre-spaced LEDs for a perfect fit into the skull pile. LEDs are similar to those used in the crate - clear but light up with a color. Version 3.1C is plug-and-play - plugs into existing wiring harness.  NO SOLDERING REQUIRED!  Full step-by-step instructions included. All wiring done at rear of playfield - no access to backbox required. Can be installed in less than 15 minutes. Price is $99 which includes shipping within the U.S.  To order, email me.

Comments from Satisfied Customers

"Robert, I just wanted you to know how much I LOVE the Skull Pile LED kit. Anyone who has a Scared Stiff NEEDS this kit. It really makes the Deadheads come alive! To anyone contemplating buying this kit - do it! Robert has done everything possible to make the installation simple. Even I could do it and without duct tape or hot glue! Everything necessary is included. The LEDs are soldered together with the correct spacing for the eyes, wires are attached, cut to length, and stripped. The eyes light when any Tale is complete, during attract mode animations, and during game animations. Way cool."
Dennis Nordman (game designer)

"It worked!!! It looks absolutely breathtaking! W-O-W!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am a pinball purist. I do not like to see people do fancy things to their games that didn't belong there to begin with. But when I read in the pinGame Journal that Scared Stiff was *supposed* to have skull eyes that lit up, I was bummed. That would have been a perfect lightshow in a corner of the game that needed something extra. The pile of skulls was always a neat prop, but simply having a couple of bulbs behind it wasn't a good substitute for what *obviously* should have been there in the first place - some glowing eyes!  I have no idea how much money they "saved" by not installing LEDs but that is a moot point now. Scared Stiff owners can rejoice! The Eyes Have It!"

"Just installed kit in my SS. If you have a SS BUY ONE!!! It is fantastic. The kit is a well thought out PROFESSIONAL design. Looks like Williams made it! Took 1 1/2 hours to install (version 1.0) with very thorough step by step foolproof instructions."

"Today I installed the Deadhead LED kit, it's fantastic, best addition to any game I've seen so far!! You are to be congratulated. Very easy to install and looks terrific. I hope you are able to make others happy with the kit. I love it when the LED's are lit and the blue flashes behind them, WMS should never have removed them from the game in the first place."

"I installed the kit over the weekend and it looks and works fabulously! It's really amazing when the blue and white flashers are going at the same time the LED's are lit up. I can't imagine why they didn't do this revised concept of the Skull Eyes in their production games -- the cost couldn't have been that much and it sure adds a nice effect to the game."

"Woohoo! The kit is awesome! Totally professional. Instructions are excellent. It is obvious a *lot* of work went into this."

"Got your package in the mail today. Installed it as soon as I got home tonight. It is awesome!!! You have put a great kit together and I cannot believe what a difference it made to the game."

"I was shopping out my SS so it (the kit) came when I had it (the game) in a million pieces. Got it installed , and really like it !!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for suggesting this as it is a really neat addition to an already great game."

"Installed LED's and they look fantastic!"

"All I can say about the LED enhancement is AWESOME!!! It is definitely a must have..... hard to imagine the game without it now. It was so easy to install that it makes you wonder why it was left off the production line."

"Wanted to tell you I finally got a chance to install the LED set. What an amazing difference.  Takes an already visually great looking game to another level and the ease of installation was greatly appreciated."

"I got the boogie men and skull eye kits a couple days ago.   Installed them both yesterday. What can I say -- they're both very well made and add a great deal to the game. Thanks! (BTW, the skull kit was super-simple to install.)"

"I installed (both kits) in a little over an hour. It's amazing how much these "little" items improve the game."

"Skull up and running, really wild!!  Really adds new life to the game. That never should have been left out from WMS. Anyone who has SS and doesn't install this kit is missing something very special.  It's dedicated people like you that are a real asset to the hobby. Keep up the good work!"

"Your kit has been received and installed.   Everything works great.  Thanks a ton, I appreciate it."

"Got both kits installed and they rock!  Thanks for making them!"

"I just love both of the kits..they are a no-brainer to install with basic tools and ultra smooth instructions. Thanks again for that one and the skull pile kit is way better than advertised..super great. Like all the people before me said if you have a SS pin you need these kits. They are very simple to install. Thanks again Robert you are dee man..."

"I installed the boogie men and the skull eye kits today.  Perfect.  You did a great job designing and executing these ideas."

"Just got the Skull Pile kit and put it in tonight.   What a breeze to do.  After firing it up, I was amazed!  I thought the whole pile would just flash on and off. It is soooo cool. I just stared at in in attract mode for 5 minutes watchin it go!  Thanks again for a wonderful addition that is now my favorite attraction on the pin."

"... we installed the skull pile LED kit ... -VERY- nice!!!"

"I was extremely impressed by the high quality of both of the upgrades (LED kit and Extensions). Design, components, assembly and documentation were all top notch."

"I installed your Boogie Men kicker extension kit and the Dead Head's LED kit. Both really make the pin much more enjoyable while playing and even in the attract mode. The instructions were easy to follow which made installation a snap! Thanks"

"Even when I think SS can't get any better, you come up with something else to add to it, to make it even better :-)  Thanks again for a great kit (3.0C multicolor)"

"Directions were easy to follow and all went smoothly.  What I great addition to the game."

"Received the kit today and quickly installed it.  Your quality work was well worth the price and made the entire experience a pleasant one."