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For an original reproduction, see below.  For a great alternative to this shooter, go here.

Although this was not exactly like the sample games, it was a great substitute.

As you may or may not know, SS originally had an eyeball on the shooter. Like most things, it was killed during production for costs reasons.

Since the originals were not available (and too pricey to reproduce in low quantities), I had found another way to do it. I had found a source of quality glow-in-the-dark rubber eyeballs. The iris was actually molded into it, not painted on the outer surface like some cheaper versions I'd found. I took a new shooter rod, modified the end, drilled out the eyeball and epoxied it to the shooter.




These sample game shooter reproductions are available as of February 2004.  An original sample game shooter is shown on the left of each picture for comparison purposes.